MyExams Unisa: How to Access Unisa Exams Portal 2022

    MyExams Unisa is UNISA Online Examination login portal. Not all UNISA modules are using this myExams platform. Some modules are using myUnisa to host the examination.

    Your Examination Timetable will provide you with the relevant information. Click on the link next to each module code to see the guidelines for that module.

    How to log into myExams unisa

    To access myexams unisa platform,

    1. Navigate to portal.
    2. Click on the Login link in the top right-hand corner of the landing page.
    3. Enter your myUnisa login details.
    4. Log in to access your exam questions.
    myExams Unisa login.
    myExams Unisa login

    How to submit exams at Unisa

    1. Go to myExams and log in with your myUnisa credentials (your student number and password).
    2. Click on the name of the specific examination site through the site tabs on the horizontal navigation bar.
    3. Click on the eAssessment tool in the left-navigation menu.
    4. Once the eAssessment page has loaded, select the assessment for which you want to upload the examination answer file by clicking on the link under the heading “Assignment Title”.
    5. A new page will open. Scroll down to Submission.
    6. Ensure that ALL your pages are converted into a single PDF document for uploading.
    7. Under Attachments, click on the Choose File button to browse for a file on your device.
    8. Once you have attached your answer file, the name of the file and the file size and upload time stamp will be displayed under Attachments. You might click Remove to remove the attachment if you selected the wrong file.
    9. Remember to click the Honor Pledge before submission if it appears on the screen. You will not be able to submit the assessment if the checkbox is not ticked.
    10. When you are ready and satisfied with the correct answer file, click the Submit button to complete your assessment submission.
    11. If you are not ready to submit, click Preview to review the submission or Save Draft to save your submission and submit it later.
    12. Be sure to submit before the exam session ends. Click Cancel to exit the assessment without saving or submitting.
    13. Once you have submitted your assessment, you will receive a confirmation message on the screen.
    14. If you have opted to receive an e-mail notification, you will also receive an e-mail confirmation of your submission to your myLife e-mail account.

    How to access your exam results

    You can obtain your Unisa exam results via myUnisa or your email.

    1. Login to myUnisa,
    2. Click on “Assessment Admin”.
    3. Click on “Examination Results.”
    4. Your exam results will display.

    Remember, you won’t receive your exam results if you have outstanding student fees or library books. 

    If you want to query your exam results, you must contact Unisa within three months of being released. If Unisa does not hear from you within this period, they will regard all results as correct and complete.

    If you qualify for a supplementary exam, it will be indicated in your examination results. Remember, you cannot apply for a supplementary exam. 

    How to Query your exam results

    You may apply to have your exam answer book re-marked if you received a final mark of between 35% and 49% or between 68% and 74%. Re-marks are not available for modules that are assessed through online timed tests, orals, or practical exams.

    What’s the process?

    • The online application form is available on myUnisa. or my exams unisa page Login to myUnisa, click on “Assessment Admin” and “Examination Results.”
    • Pay the fee to have your exam answer book re-marked. Click here for the fee payable and check out Unisa’s payment methods and banking details.
    • Re-register for the module before the closing date for registrations while you wait for the re-mark result.

    How to check my exam timetable at Unisa

    The Unisa exam timetable available at the time of registration contains provisional dates for all exams. These dates may change. Once the exam dates have been finalized, Unisa will make available an official exam timetable with your final exam dates and the modules for which you have/have not gained admission to the exams.

    The examination timetable is available via the examination timetable tool

    To check Unisa exam timetable,

    1. Navigate to
    2. Select the examination Period.
    3. Enter your Module Codes (e.g. DSC4825).
    4. Click on the “Display” button to view your timetable. 
    Unisa exam timetable.
    Unisa exam timetable.

    The final examination timetable will be sent to students before the applicable examination by post. It will contain the following information: A list of the study units students qualify for admission to write examinations.


    Where is my Exams on Unisa?

    The examination will take place on a dedicated platform called myExams. Go to myExams and login using your myUnisa credentials (your student number and password).

    How do I access myExams Unisa?

    To access my exams Unisa, go to myExams Log in with your student number and myUnisa password. Click on the name of the specific examination site through the site tabs on the horizontal navigation bar.

    How does Unisa online exams work?

    Online exams are taken on your own computer in your own home, however regular exam conditions and rules still apply. This means you must be in a room on your own with no unauthorized materials present.

    Are Unisa exams multiple choice?

    The examination paper is a CLOSED-BOOK paper with about 60% multiple choice questions and 40% written questions. The type of questions are similar (take note not the same) to those in unisa assignments.

    Are Unisa exams open book?

    Unisa’s open-book exam option is one of the methods in the university’s assessment policy that had been approved by all the relevant stakeholders.

    How do I download my exam paper at Unisa?

    You can download the examination question paper from the landing page of myUnisa. Click on the link. Log in with your student number and myUnisa password. Find your module code and download your exam question paper.

    What happens if I fail a Unisa exam?

    Unisa cannot be held liable for any examinations missed as a result of the aforementioned. Students will either have to apply for a deferment in terms of Rule 17 or re-register if the missed examination had been a second examination opportunity. The university will not make special exam arrangements in such cases.

    How do I access myexams unisa claw?

    myexams Unisa claw is a UNISA Online Examination Site for the College of Law students. You can access it here

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