How to Submit Unisa Assignments Via Myunisa 2022

    Unisa assignments can be submitted via myUnisa dashboard or placed in a Unisa assignment box, posted to the University of South Africa, or submitted via courier.

    At UNISA, assignments help lecturers to see whether you understand the module, and they help you to learn the work and prepare for exams.

    They’re critical and compulsory – you won’t be allowed to write the examination unless you’ve completed the relevant assignments.

    It is important to always keep a copy of your assignment in case the university does not receive an assignment and you are requested to re-submit a copy.

    To submit an assignment via myUnisa;

    1. Log into myUnisa.
    2. Select the module.
    3. Click on “Assignments” in the menu on the left-hand side of the screen.
    4. Click on the assignment number you wish to submit.

    Follow the instructions. Should you encounter any problems in submitting an assignment on myUnisa, you may contact the helpline at

    How to submit MCQ answers via Unisa MCQ app

    Unisa students can now submit their multiple-choice assignments via their mobile phones or tablets. And here’s how to submit your multiple-choice assignment answers using the Unisa mobile application (Unisa MCQ app).

    1. Download and install the Unisa MCQ app from Google Play Store
    2. Install and start the application on your phone
    3. Select the “MCQ Assignment” option
    4. Login with your myUnisa* credentials
    5. Select your module
    6. Select the appropriate unique assignment number
    7. Select appropriate answers to the assignment questions
    8. Send your answers
    9. Receive immediate onscreen confirmation

    Tips for completing unisa assignments

    Completing your assignments successfully involves;

    • reading the assignment questions.
    • collecting the facts.
    • compiling a structured response using study guides, prescribed books, readings, discussions, and the internet.
    • using headings and subheadings.

    Ensure that you submit your assignments 72 hours before the due date as stipulated in your Tutorial Letters 101.

    Unisa assignments should include;

    • an introduction
    • the main heading
    • a summary of the key facts
    • proper referencing, including a bibliography


    How do I submit unisa assignments?

    To submit your assignment,
    Load assignment file from your PC to myUnisa dashboard,
    Verify the file details for the final submission of your written assignment,
    Click on the Return to Assignment List button to go back to the Assignment overview screen.

    Where do I find Unisa assignments?

    You can find Assignment results on your dashboard.
    On the right side of your screen, click on the first important links (Submit assignments (MCQ & File uploads)
    Enter your student number and password to log in.
    You will receive an SMS with your assignment result as soon as the result becomes available.

    How do I check my Unisa assignments?

    You can myunisa Assignment results by;
    logging into your myUnisa to view your results online OR.
    Enquire via email to the email address: (indicate your student number in the subject heading).

    Does Unisa accept late assignments?

    All assignments must be submitted on or before a specified due date for marking. No late assignments will be marked. Due to the tight time constraints of fitting everything into a semester, UNISA does not consider late assignments for marking.

    What is the pass mark for Unisa assignments?

    UNISA requires an average mark of 50% for a pass.

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